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See our expert guides and advice on locations, house buying, selling, and moving, we aim to assist you with helpful tips on choosing your mortgages, estate agents, removal services, cleaning, pets, and much more.

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Get Helpful Tips & Advice On Your Move

Planning My Moves is designed to help you navigate and plan every aspect of your moving experience.

Our living In guides will help you select the perfect location and allow you to explore the key factors when choosing a home.

Explore The Best Cities In The World

Are you wondering what are the best cities in the world to work and live?

Planning My Moves looks at ideal locations around the World, Including the best cities and countryside areas in the UK, Main Cities in Australia, The USA, Canada, New Zealand & South Africa.

Main countries in Europe, Including, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

Property Buying & Selling

During the moving process you might be looking to buy or sell a property or both.

Planning My Moves will help you locate all the professionals involved when moving location. From choosing an Estate Agent, selecting a mortgage broker, confirming a removals company, or hiring a Solicitor or migration agent.

Move your home in
5 simple steps

How to Plan For A Relocation

When starting to consider a move, whether it be local or too far off places you will need to consider a range of things, and probably need the assistance of a host of professional services.

Deciding where you want to live is probably one of the first decisions you are going to have to make. Our living in guides will help you explore a range of locations around the world.

Once you have selected a location, making sure it’s feasible without spending a small fortune is probably the wisest move.

Planning My Moves helps you map out the professional services required and identifies the best strategy when planning your move.

Deciding on a location where you want to move to is your first step to relocation. Whether you’re looking to move to a busy and lively city or perhaps a quite and pretty countryside, our collection of moving guides hopefully can help you make the right decision.

Check out our location guide here.

Moving to a new village, town or city is never simple, but doing some research on your chosen location will give you a better understanding of what is it like to live in that area.

You may want to look into the average cost of living, the neighbourhood, or the type of schools in that area. Knowing more about the area will also aid you in making the decision to relocate.

You can check out our Location guides and other moving tips here.


Set yourself a budget to buy a property in the area where you’ll be relocating. If you want to rent a house then you will need to find a local estate agent to help you find a suitable place.

Here at Planning My Move, we have guides on all aspect of property selling, buying and renting. You can read our expert guides on this topic here. 

Now its the exciting part begin, planning you move.  You should plan for your move as early as possible as this will give you plenty of time to organise. A moving house checklist is the key to a pleasant and successful move.

See our extensive moving resources here.

You’ve done the research, planned your move, and now it’s time to move into your new house. We hope you had a smooth transition and are enjoying your new home.

Check out our latest moving tips and advice, including home improvement, decluttering, cleaning, pet care, how to save money, mortgage and much more!

Moving house with kids

Other Ways We Can Help

We know moving home can be stressful, it is not as simple as just packing up your home and move; the moving process could be straightforward or bumpy.

You may need assistance whether is choosing a mortgage advisor or assigning an estate agent to sell your home, here we have useful guides to help you along the way to move to your dream home.  

Guides for finding estate agents

Read our top tips on choosing the right Estate agent to help you buy or sell your property.

Guides for getting a mortgage

Whether you're a first time buyer or re-mortgaging your home, we have helpful guides to help you finance your home.

Guides for finding a mover

Looking for a good mover to help you move? We have guides for every step of your move!

How to pack for your move

Packing can be a tedious task if you leave it till the last minute! Read our packing guides to get started.

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