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Are you looking for the top tips to stage a house for a quick sale?

Moving house can evoke all kinds of emotions.

It is a time of excitement, mingled with worry and apprehension as well as a lot of hard work.

It also requires a lot of forethought and planning.

For most, when the time finally comes to move onto pastures new, the last thing you want is to sit for months waiting to sell your current home.

It is a well-known fact that a well-presented home will not only assist in a quick sale but can also increase its value.

So, how can you get the deal done chop-chop?

We have put together some ideas and tips to stage a house for a quick sale.

property kerb appeal

Boost the Kerb Appeal

One of the most important tips to stage a house for a quick sale has to be kerb appeal!

How many of us have taken a “drive-by” to check the outside of a house before taking it to the next level and booking a viewing?

First impressions are crucial.

Unless you are super tidy all the time, you will have to spend some money and a few hours getting everything looking its best.

At the front of the house, dispose of any accumulated rubbish.

Clear weeds, cut back overgrown bushes, tidy flower beds, cut the front grass and sweep the drive and pathways.

Hide away any children’s abandoned toys.

Clean the front door and any outside lighting.

Outside windows need as much attention as inside. Clean all windows and wipe down the UPVC frames if you have plastic double glazing.

You may have wooden window frames. In this case, make sure they are in good repair. Paint them, if necessary, it will be worth it.

Just these few tips should be enough to give a good positive kerb appeal to new buyers.

Carry Out Minor Repairs

Now is a good time to make a detailed checklist of anything that needs fixing before your move.

Arm yourself with a pad and paper and conduct a walk-through of the house room by room listing any repairs required.

Attend to all the jobs that you keep meaning to do; That old leaking tap, a cracked window or bathroom tile, or damaged fencing all need repairing.

Give rooms a lick of paint if they are looking scuffed or scratched and stick to a mutual colour.

Though major renovation is not always necessary, small cosmetic changes like paint and even new hardware can go a long way toward making your home appealing to today’s buyers.


Have a Deep Clean and Tidy

The inside also needs to be tip-top.

There is nothing more inviting than walking into a neat, clutter-free, and fresh-smelling property.

A quick once-over is not going to be good enough here.

Taking time to make sure everything has had a deep clean makes all the difference.

Just about everything needs good sprucing up, including carpets and windows.

Sweep away any spiderwebs that may be lurking in corners.

Pay particular attention when cleaning shower rooms, bathrooms, and toilets.

Get rid of any nasty limescale stains and make sure these rooms smell nice.

Kitchens also need to gleam. Clear off anything that is not needed on work surfaces. You don’t want to make the house feel un-lived in, but again, it needs to be clean, neat, and tidy.

You can box up your lesser-used items now.

Packing up anything you don’t need for a while will not only make the house look tidier, but it will also give the impression of more space.

Weather allowing, open all the windows and doors, and let in as much natural light as you can, this will also give the house a good airing.

De-clutter Outside Storage Areas

The garage is the place where everything gets shoved.

Just a tidy-up and a quick trip to the local recycling centre should at least make it look presentable.

Buyers want to be able to get inside and have a good look at the storage space that will be available to them.

Sheds and greenhouses may require some attention too.

A well-organised space will show off the outside storage potential.

Like the inside of the house, anything that is not needed on a regular basis can be boxed up and taken into storage, sold or given to charity.

De-Personalise Each Room

Hallways very quickly become dumping grounds for shoes, coats and all manner of things that seem to stay rather than be moved to a more appropriate place.

Whilst it is nice to see a few personal items here and there too many personal belongings make the house look cramped.

The same goes for too many ornaments and knickknacks.

Too many bits and bobs everywhere distract’ s buyers and will prevent them from picturing themselves living in the home.

Small Storage Unit

Temporary Storage

It may seem a bit extreme but, putting some of your belongings into temporary storage is actually a good idea.

When you have not moved for many years, it can be overwhelming how much “stuff” you have accumulated.

If you are not yet ready to get rid of things, just have them stored for a while.

Once you are settled in your new home, you can have everything re-delivered.

There are lots of companies out there that have good, safe, and secure storage facilities and you may also be surprised at how little it costs.

Good Room Presentation

After you have cleaned, tidied, and made more space, you could also re-arrange your furniture here and there.

Moving the sofa, a large bookcase, or a dining table to a different spot can really add to the overall look of a room.

Since the Covid pandemic when so many people had to work from home, any spare space had to be transformed into a workspace.

Rooms such as bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and even sheds, were converted into temporary offices and not really used as they were intended to be.

Convert each room to its original use.

Here again, you can really create a feeling of more space.

Putting a piece of new accent furniture here and there gives the impression of style.

Lighting can make or break the ambience of a room.

Invest in a few table lamps or floor lamps which give off a soft warm glow rather than harsh white ceiling lights.

Extra tips:

Don’t cook just before a viewing. Stale cooking smells are not attractive.

Smokers beware.

A significant percentage of people are put off buying a property that smells of cigarette smoke.

Use a good room and carpet spray to ensure stale smoke smells are eliminated.

Take the extra effort to ensure all beds are made up with clean linen and nicely dressed.

Food and recycling dustbins must be cleaned and disinfected.


Whether you have a dog, a cat, rabbits or parrots, dirty cages, dishes, and bedding is a no-no.

Pets are best left out of the picture while a viewing takes place.

Buy some flowers and place them strategically.

A nice bouquet on a kitchen island, a hall table or a small lounge side table always looks appealing.


A Show-Ready Home

Today’s housing market is a very competitive affair, you need all the help you can get so that you have an edge when you want a quick sale.

By following these simple tips, your home will be “show ready” in no time at all.

It will make the estate agent’s job that much easier too when he comes to take photos or a video of the property.

After all your hard work you want your home to be advertised by a reputable estate agent.

Using local estate agents may help find a buyer quickly as they may have a list of waiting buyers, it’s worth looking into their track record.

Knowing you have done all you can, at this point, it will take some luck and a little patience and hopefully, you will have buyers queuing up to purchase your home.