You are currently viewing Things You NEED To Do To Improve Kerb Appeal in 2022

Raising your home’s kerb appeal is an important consideration if you plan to sell it in 2022.

As your moving day approaches, we want to make sure you’re prepared as much as possible.

Property sales are influenced heavily by the kerb appeal of the property.

The question is, what is kerb appeal?

A home’s kerb appeal includes everything from the quality of the roof to the appearance of the front door.

Your home’s kerb appeal can play a significant role in making sure your house sale and subsequent move go smoothly.

The average seller receives £57,000 less than their asking price for a property that lacks sufficient kerb appeal, according to survey findings!

The old adage “never judge a book by its cover” does not always apply, especially when it comes to selling your home.

First impressions mean a lot when it comes to selling your house.

It is best to consider the kerb appeal of your home as advertising.

The first impression most people have of your property in most estate agencies is the outside of your home.

In an era when more and more viewings are conducted online, kerb appeal is crucial.

A beautiful exterior can ensure that your property’s price remains the same and attract more interest.

The kerb appeal of your home can be improved through several simple, cost-effective measures.

Here are some top tips to improve the kerb appeal of your home in 2022.

Refresh Your Front Door

As the entrance to your home and also usually the first thing purchasers see, your front door establishes a criterion for the rest of the property.

A boring or downtrodden front door is among the biggest deterrents for prospective buyers.

Thankfully, renewing your front door is fairly straightforward.

Simply deep cleaning can provide your front door with a new lease of life!

Applying some steel polish to broken components will get rid of corrosion and also can make an older door look rejuvenated.

Revamping with a lick of paint can give your front door a much cleaner look.

Choosing a brand-new colour for your front door can likewise go a long way.

The colour of your door will certainly often creates a real perception of the remainder of the home.

If you feel your front door requires an upgrade, a brand-new door could be a beneficial investment.

Whilst a much more expensive choice, a brand-new door can include some much-needed kerb appeal.

Ever prominent, composite doors are an excellent choice to boost kerb appeal.

Not only do they boost protection, but they will also go a long way to revitalizing the exterior of any building.

A Clean Exterior

Homes often have a variety of different externals.

Regardless of if your house has wood cladding, brickwork, or stone, making sure the outside remains in terrific shape can really improve kerb appeal.

Entirely renovating cladding can cost an arm and a leg.

However, there are definitely some less costly alternatives!

Introducing a new layer of paint to the exterior of your home can have a big impact.

If your home is looking a little dull or the exterior is dealing with wear and tear or peeling off paint, a dash of colour can infuse some boosted kerb appeal.

If paint does not fit your home, jet washing dirty brickwork will suffice.

By making sure the appearance of your house is nice and fresh you can truly improve kerb appeal!


Door Accessories

If you have opted to fix up your current door, a brand-new door handle, letterbox, or house number can truly add charm.

Attempt to stay with a common theme as well as make sure all your brand-new door accessories are matching.

A contemporary handle, letterbox as well as matching number will certainly give your front door an entire makeover as well as add to kerb appeal.

It is likewise worth taking into consideration installing a brand-new doorbell.

Wireless doorbells are exceptionally simple to mount and also come in some modern styles.

Updating the accessories on your front door can be achieved on a small budget but will really set you apart from possible buyers!


Clean Your Windows

71% of property owners claim that unspoiled windows were one of the most crucial factors in boosting kerb appeal.

Clean windows don’t just look appealing, they also allow extra light into your residence, creating a general brighter feel.

Cleaning windows does not have to be a challenging task.

Whilst upstairs windows can be tricky to get to, many stores provide some fantastic devices for those difficult to get areas!

Making sure that road fronting windows are gleaming clean will definitely add to kerb appeal.

Do Not Fail To Remember Window Frames

Whilst you are washing your home’s windows be sure to pay attention to your window frames!

If you have uPVC home window frames make certain to obtain some specialist cleaner to ensure they are in top condition.

Wood window frames are a little harder to wash.

If they are in bad condition, your wooden frames might need a brand-new layer of paint.

When selecting a new colour for your window frames take into consideration matching them to your door.

Establishing a motif truly contributes to the appeal of your home as well as goes a long way to enhancing kerb appeal.

Behind Your Windows

Whilst discussing kerb appeal it might seem redundant to consider the interior of your house.

However, it is very important to remember that your home windows are an insight into the residence.

What you place in your windows can be seen from the outside and will have an effect on kerb appeal.

Home window features such as potted plants can add a level of beauty to your home.
These are also extremely inexpensive.

You can likewise consider updating your curtains or blinds.

Blinds and fitted curtains give the most straightforward appearance from the exterior, ensuring a neat look.

Shutters are an extremely fashionable feature that will give your home a modern twist.

Well lit House

Brighten Up Your Home

Including some outdoor lights in your building can contribute to kerb appeal.

A set of matching wall lights include warmness to your home as well as emphasising the features of your home in the evening.

Make sure to choose light fittings that match your building and always employ a skilled electrician to install your lights!

Positioning your lights on either side of your front door develops a welcoming ambience, making your home a lot more inviting.

You might likewise think about fitting solar-powered lights. These will certainly assist in reducing power expenses (something we are all thinking about) whilst also boosting kerb appeal.

The right exterior lights can really include some added appeal to your house.

Front Door with foliage

Stay on Top of Your Garden

It is very easy for your front garden, if you have one, to become unruly.

67% of homeowners claim that a neat and well kept front garden was very important to increasing kerb appeal.

Lush grass and bushes will seriously diminish kerb appeal, with prospective purchasers seeing additional work they will be required to take on.

Upkeeping your lawn, cutting hedges, and also adding some colourful plants to your home can make all the difference.

The front of your house mirrors the interior, so preserving a tidy area will offer buyers an excellent perception.

Staying on top of your weeds is key!

We all know how easy it is for weeds to spread throughout your garden.

To ensure they do not end up being overgrown tackle them at an early stage before their roots spread.

If you are a serious gardener, take into consideration undertaking even more intricate landscaping.

Hanging baskets, accessories, and even wooden edging, will spruce up your space a lot more.

A well-kept front garden will truly add to your kerb allure, particularly in the summertime!

Tidy the Pathway

An inexpensive, as well as simple method to include more kerb appeal, is to ensure your path remains in lovely condition.

By merely jet washing your path you can add an invigorated feeling to the entire space.

Assure there are no weeds sprouting from between paving stones!
They can look unpleasant and also show an absence of treatment.

If any of the paving slabs are broken be sure to change them!
Making sure your path is in good condition will mean your home is still accessible to buyers with buggies or wheelchairs.

Great pathway upkeep is sure to enhance your home’s kerb appeal and is simple to achieve.

Tidy Driveway

Driveway Maintenance

Access to a driveway as well as plenty of parking space is a big draw to a building.

If your house has a driveway it is advisable to ensure a high level of upkeep to boost kerb appeal.

It is easy for driveways to come to be messy!

Weeds seem to like to emerge from between the cracks!

To obtain the maximum kerb appeal, be sure to eliminate those unsightly weeds.

If your driveway is made of smaller stones, laying some new ones can go a long way to freshening the appearance of the space.

Whilst merely having entry to the house via a driveway can yield more potential buyers, if well maintained it will better aid your cause.

Painting Fence

Spruce Up Your Gates

Garden fences, as well as gates, help to develop a wonderful border around your home.

However, if they end up being broken they can take away some of the allure of your house.

To guarantee you have the best kerb appeal, a lick of paint on your fence is encouraged!

Confirm your preferred colour fits with the current style and theme of your home.

If there is any type of damage to your gates or fencing change them!

Whilst the busted entrance might not bother you, buyers have a keen eye!
They may very well resent the possibility of repair work.

Guaranteeing your gateways and fencing remain in good shape will certainly improve kerb appeal.

Roof and Gutters

Whilst broken roofing or damaged guttering may not stick out, house hunters usually notice these little things.

To make sure the best kerb appeal, it is best to resolve these concerns ASAP.

Acquainted buyers will typically put in the time to inspect the roofing of your house.

Having a damaged roof typically has a negative impact on a sale so ought to be addressed now.

If there are any concerns with your roof or rain gutters make sure to get in touch with an expert.

These can usually be tricky to replace because of their location.
The risk of handling this on your own is evident.

Containers, Storage and Bins

Guaranteeing the exterior of your home is cool and also tidy contributes to kerb appeal.

We will all agree that wheelie bins are an awful part of every garden.

Where possible, setting up a storage area for these unsightly containers is a wonderful idea.

These convenient storage space areas will go a long way to decluttering the front of your home as well as showing a high level of thought and treatment has been given to the design of your home.


Doorstep Decorations

Seeing to it that your doorstep is clean will enhance kerb appeal. 

These little things sit well with prospective buyers, particularly when at the front door.
As the entrance to your house, your doorstep will offer visitors a vision of what awaits within.

Exchanging your old mat with a new one will certainly rejuvenate the front of your home.

Always make sure to select a doormat that fits the theme of your house.

Hanging baskets or potted plants on your front door can add some lively colours and also create an inviting entryway to your house.

A welcoming front door will go a long way will all visitors, improving your kerb appeal.