You are currently viewing 21 Items That Need to be Kept in Climate-Controlled Storage

Do you need climate-controlled storage for your goods?

When storing any items there are a number of factors to consider.

Most of the time our first consideration is whether there will be enough room.

While this is certainly a top priority, it is also important to think about what belongings you will actually be keeping in storage.

It is easy to brush over just how important climate-controlled storage can be!

Various items that you may be considering putting in storage will require special care.

Climate-controlled storage is the answer to this problem.

Whilst there are certain items which clearly require specialised storage, some belongings may go unnoticed.

Everyday items which still need climate-controlled storage could be damaged if they are not kept in the right conditions.

This article will give you a quick and easy breakdown of belongings that may require climate-controlled storage.

Hopefully, we can help you avoid any unnecessary damage!


In the hotter summer months, your electronic good could easily be damaged thanks to high humidity.

If they are not kept in climate-controlled storage they may suffer serious corrosion!

As we all know, there is nothing more frustrating than a faulty electrical item and they can be expensive to repair or replace.


Especially in very cold and damp conditions, clothing items are particularly susceptible to damage when in regular storage.

Being made from volatile materials, clothes can easily be damaged in cold and damp conditions.

Even in climate-controlled storage, items of clothing are best kept in plastic containers as opposed to cardboard moving boxes!


Household appliances are tricky to store not only because of their often larger size but also due to the volatile nature of their electrical components.

They can be susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

Avoid damage from rust and corrosion by using a climate-controlled storage unit.


Cliamte-controlled storage is certainly required for paper documents.

Paper documentation is particularly hard to store because it is so vulnerable to mould and mildew.

Furthermore, there is this issue of documents fading over time!

If you are considering storing documentation for a longer period of time, climate-controlled storage is required.

Leather Goods

Leather may seem like a rugged material but it is another item that is easily damaged in storage.

These items are easily dried out in hotter climates, causing it to crack.

On the other hand, too much damp may lead to warping of your item.

Climate-controlled storage can help to regulate the temperature and avoid damage.

Items With Volatile Materials

Any items that you are storing with volatile material will need to be kept in specialised storage.

Metal belongings are easily left to rust when kep in a damp location.

Wooden items are prone to warping and splitting when exposed to high or fluctuating temperatures.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments tend to be a large investment in a meaningful hobby.

Not only are they valuable to purchase but instruments are often easily damaged in storage due to their delicate nature.

The wooden components of an instrument are easily damaged in extreme temperatures.

They are also susceptible to damage from moisture, with mould being a real concern.

Regardless of how long they need to be stored, instruments should be kept in a specialised unit.

Mattresses and Bedding

Bedding and mattresses are particularly vulnerable to damage from dampness.

This can cause mould to form, rendering your bedding useless.

Climate-controlled storage units can help to safeguard your bedding and keep it in good shape.


If you are storing any valuable fabrics or haberdashery material it is worth noting how vulnerable they are to cold and damp conditions.

Even when stored in the correct temperature, fine fabrics such as silk are very vulnerable.

Be sure to take extra care when storing these items and ensure you use a specialised unit.

CD, DVD and Vinyl

Many of us store music and films on phones and other portable devices whist CDs and DVDs gather dust.

However, ensuring they are stored correctly is imperative.

Vinyl records are particularly susceptible to misshaping and warp.

Vinyls, CDs and other media items are becoming increasingly more difficult to replace and repair so damage is best avoided!


If you own any artwork it is well worth considering climate-controlled storage.

Art can be very valuable, whether monetarily or sentimentally.

Be sure to protect your artwork from damage by storing it correctly.


A somewhat ambiguous assortment of items, collectable items will vary depending on your interests.

Depending on the collectable items you have, climate-controlled storage is likely to be the ideal way to safeguard your personal collection.


Again, this will depend on the antique items you own.

However, due to their age, antiques are typically a shoe-in for climate-controlled storage.

Typically older, more valuable belongings, antiques require special care.


I’m sure we are all very aware of how susceptible bikes are to rusting when kept in poor conditions.

Whilst a bike may be fine for short-term storage, a specialised storage unit will avoid damage in the long run.

Sports Gear

Depending on your sporting interests, you may require climate-controlled storage for your sporting goods.

Many items in this category will contain easily damaged material and can be expensive to replace.


Specific medications will be required to be kept at a certain temperature.

If they are stored incorrectly they often lose their effectiveness!

It is therefore extremely important to keep any medical item in climate-controlled storage units.

Cosmetic Items

Storing make-up and cosmetic items at a temperature is essential for making sure it is safe to use.

Not only can cosmetic items quickly deteriorate, but they could also cause some damage to your skin if not stored properly.


Similar to medicines and cosmetics, some toiletries require temperature moderation to ensure they remain usable.


Another set of items that are irreplaceable and very delicate.

If kept in poor conditions, photos can fade or start to warp.

Photographs should be stored at moderate temperatures whilst in storage so a specialised unit is needed.


Either the cold or heat is capable of causing damage to furniture.

Higher temperatures will lead to your furniture warping and becoming misshapen.


Wines are particularly susceptible to spoiling whilst in storage.

Changes in temperatures and humidity are your number one enemy here!

Climate-controlled storage units are the second best option behind a wine cellar.

They will help to ensure the quality of your wine is maintained.